March 18, 2009

We're lovers here in Retro Land

I bet some of you squishes out there are thinking, "Hey, that retro revolution thing sounds kinda interesting, but gosh I just don't know if I'm ready to give up watching House and CSI and all my other favorite shows, or if I'm ready to stop going to see the latest blockbusters at the local multiplex, or hey, what about that newest Coldplay album I wanted to download?"

Never fear! The retro revolution isn't about giving anything up, it's about giving other things a chance. You think I don't have my favorite current TV shows?! You think I don't love the latest movie craze, whether it's Lord of the Rings or superhero movies or Coen Bros. flix?! You think I don't listen to The Killers or The Strokes or other new music?! Au contraire, mon frere. I LIKE new stuff. Some of my favorite pop art is new stuff. The retro manifesto isn't about scorning what's current, it's about loving what's past. Just because I can recognize the greatness of the past doesn't mean I'm blind to the great things that are happening right now. It's the people who scorn -- or worse -- who are indifferent to the past who are the haters. Here in Retro Land, we're lovers, baby.

The retro revolution isn't a "No" it's a "Yes!" It's not a "Less" it's a "More!" The retro way of life is about expanding your pop culture universe, it's about breaking free from mental slavery. The slaves are the people who unthinkingly accept everything the major mass media gives them and who never break free from the easy consumption of "what's hot now." The slaves have tunnel vision when it comes to their pop culture, they just keep looking straight ahead at whatever the culture masters have coming down the pike and never question if there's anything else out there. They never turn their head to see what other cool stuff might be around. They certainly never look backwards. But that's what retro lovers do, we look right, left, up, down, and most especially, back. The rearview mirror often has the sweetest landscape.

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