May 19, 2009

The Glorious Sounds of Retro!

You've probably never heard The Doors classic quite like this!

Julie London would like you to light her fire, baby!

I believe this is what they call pop music for adults. Suggestive but never skanky. Sexy but never crude. Fun but sophisticated in a frivolous sort of way. Ladies just don't sing with this kind of confident, sultry sound anymore. Julie London isn't showing off her vocal range or bouncing all over the place in some misguided attempt at "artistry." She's simply singing this song with a healthy dose of romantic sex and it's hottness on a stick. Hotter even than Jim Morrison's flamboyant psychedelic version. Also, it's kooky as hell to hear this song done in a fluty, lounge style.

Looking for a definition of "cool" that doesn't involve a rock or rap beat? This song is a good place to start.

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