July 30, 2009

Garage Rock City: Woggle with me

There comes a time in every young punk's life where all he wants is some good basement music. The kind you put on in the middle of the afternoon, you've just woken up after being out all night drinking and riding around with friends till 3 a.m. and now it's time to play old Super Nintendo games and watch Tarantino movies on basic cable and eat sugar cereal for lunch at one o'clock. For these times, every young freak should choose the Woggles.

Has anyone ever studied the effect b-grade monster movies have had on Rock 'n Roll? I mean, this particular brand of low-budget schlock cinema practically invented the Cramps. Zombies, voodoo, radioactive mush monsters -- they're all the horrific grandfathers of garage punk, right?
Where would the American teenage summer vacation experience be without a cold basement on a sweltering afternoon, an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the tube, and chilled bottles of Faygo pop getting sucked down to the sounds of a band like the Woggles? If there ever were such a universe where this was not a stone cold reality, don't let me ever get warped into it through a black hole. I like my basements dank, the walls sweaty, the fluorescent lights on the fritz, and the rock loud and fuzzy.

Such is the sound of the Woggles on their album "Get Tough."

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