August 16, 2009

drunk pomes


In between last night's dream
And the oncoming mosquito invasion,
There was much to think about,
So I sat down and shook the lemon seed and
Out popped anarchy and the birdman, who said:
"Watch me levitate beyond your freeloading vice,
And consider with dexterity your next move."

I did just that and flipped on the hockey game.
It was bloody, with blade-skated throats.
Octopi floated from the ceiling and the
Insect invasion began.

I was glad to be in pajamas, which is
What I told my push pop.


  1. pomes?! omg you are ridiculous ;)

  2. I can't claim credit. I stole the spelling from Kerouac.

    But yes, I am ridiculous! :D