December 9, 2009

Mad Men Divorce?

No, I'm not talking Don and Betty. I'm talking about me. Towards the end of season 3 (pretty much right after the JFK assassination episode), I was almost ready to give up on the show. I was losing interest, I didn't like the direction they were taking with some of the characters, and I was annoyed by how it all seemed to be turning into a Boomer retread of "The Significant 60s" (an era which had, prior to this show, been almost solely defined by the annoying hippie Boomers and their "youth culture," but which the Mad Men creators were going to reconsider in a fresh, new, adult-minded, understated, and non-hippie-like way). In the JFK episode I felt like the Mad Men creators were going to go back down that played-out road of THE SIXTIES, instead of sticking with the more intelligent and nuanced view of the decade they had been taking in the first two seasons.

I was almost ready to give the show up. Then. Then the finale happened and all was forgiven. The finale was so amazing, so satisfying and powerful and funny and touching and hardcore dramatic and kick ass that basically, I'm back on the Mad Men train. That's pretty much all I have to say about it. Mad Men's season 3 finale was brilliant. Best episode of TV ever. It should win an Emmy for, like, best TV episode ever made. Best Ever.

I've mended my ways with the show and now I can't wait for season 4 -- that was not something I was thinking in the penultimate episode of season 3, so well done, Mad Men peoples! You've brought me back into the fold.

Now, can Betty and her snoozer of a boyfriend/fiancee just go die in a fire already? I'm over you Betty and your divorcing ways. I'm also firmly on team Pete/Trudy. They are my new power couple on the show (though Joan/Silver Fox is also an option).

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