January 10, 2010

So Much WORD

I've read that she doesn't want to make any public appearances anymore, but who cares. Get James Garner to accept for her or something. Doris Day for Honorary Oscar! Do it, Academy!

I once had a professor in college, who -- on the first day of class -- made some disparaging, "joking" remarks about the 1959 "Ben-Hur" and Doris Day comedies and the whole class laughed and laughed, hardy-har-har, 'cause yeah, weren't the 50s so goody-goody and repressive! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

I wasn't laughing. I raised my hand and when called on, boldly proclaimed: "Doris Day rocks. She's a great actress. Those movies are funny and she's funny in them. They're a heckuva lot more fun than half the pretentious, yawn-fest movies you put on the syllabus this semester."
(Okay, well, maybe I didn't say that last part, but you get the idea)

She's a phenomenal talent who deserves to be recognized for her achievements and for her historic place in movie history. And, as the article in the NYTimes points out, she was a great comedienne, and so rarely does the Academy award for comedy that it should give her an Oscar to show that comedic acting deserves respect too.

Doris Day all the way!

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