April 13, 2010

Retro Tumbl

I decided to delete my old tumblr blog, "the stuff that dreams are made of," (but not my old blogger blog of that name which can be found here).

I will be starting a NEW tumblr blog instead as a kind of sidekick to the main Dereliction Row blog. It will be filled with pictures and some videos and mostly all the "Video Madness" and "Retro Vision" stuff that I've been posting to this blog will be moving over to the tumblr blog.

So, tumblr blog will be image/video focused and main blog will be devoted to more articles and in-depth analysis of movies, TV, and such. I will still do screengrabs here on the main blog, but they will be in service to articles and essays as evidence to support my arguments (think: my latest post on GUN CRAZY).

The images and video on the tumblr blog will be more hodgepodge. I'm explaining this badly, but you'll get the idea once I get started.

Anyway, the tumblr blog can be found here: Derelict's Retro Revolution

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