May 24, 2010

Faygo Pop of the Week

RED POP! A classic.

One of the original Faygo flavors, Red Pop started life in 1907 as a strawberry soda called, appropriately enough, Strawberry Soda. In the '60s the name was officially changed to "Red Pop" and sold in cans. Red Pop is available in regular or sugar free (if, like Alex Karras, you're trying to slim down).

Faygo also offers Original Red Pop made with real cane sugar (in bottles) for real retro enthusiasts.

For more retro Faygo commercials, go HERE.


  1. I mentioned this on the blog recently, but I went into a grocery store in Athens, GA a week or two back and was positively gobsmacked to see a display of Faygo soda as I came in the front door. I could have sworn they went out of business years ago.

    It was on sale, but I didn't pick any up.

  2. Yeah, Faygo is still going strong and it's a favorite of mine since it started as a local Michigan product (Faygo pop was started by a couple of Russian immigrant brothers in Detroit in 1907).

    Even though Faygo has been owned by the National Beverage Corporation since 1987 (which is headquartered in Florida), the pop is still bottled here in Detroit and they have a corporate office over on Gratiot Ave.

    Btw, the best selling Faygo flavor? Red Pop. :D

    You should go see if there's still some on sale! ;)