August 23, 2010

Faygo Pop of the Week


Vaguely Mountain Dew-like, Moon Mist is what you buy at the convenience store when you only have a buck and it's Thursday night in summer and you're out with your friends (and they're over in the other aisle buying sunflower seeds and Slim Jims) and you want something to drink that has caffeine and might mix well with vodka, so you grab a 20 oz of Moon Mist and then everybody pays and you drive out to the bonfire going on at Andy's house.

That's Moon Mist.

Otherwise, you drink it in your basement while you play video games and watch 80s movies on TV all day because the thought of going outside in the 90 degree heat is too much for your summer lazy psyche to handle.

Moon Mist is radioactive yellow-green.

But it also comes, inexplicably in Red and Blue.

There's also the mysteriously vanished Morning Mist, which I assume was part of the Mist extended family along with Mists Red and Blue, but I can't seem to find any info on the web about Morning Mist other than the name. Who knows what happened to it or why... It's a MIST-ERY!

But there's always original flavor Moon Mist (in diet too) for all your summer basement video game playing needs.

With a real kick!


  1. Bell's, the grocery store here in Athens that carries Faygo, had a sale on the beverage this week: 5 2-liters for $5.00, 5 12-packs for $10.00.

    So I picked up a 2-liter of the root beer this afternoon. Very tasty, and at that price it could become my new BFF...but both my Mom and I agree that IBC is just a wee bit better.

  2. Yes, IBC is quite good. I also like Boylan's root beer. But for me, Faygo wins on price. Just can't beat it.