August 11, 2010

Mad Men Musings! Ep 4.3: "The Good News"

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I'm already liking this season a lot more than season 3, though it's early yet.

This article from Reuters tries to make it seem like MAD MEN is slipping in the ratings, saying that this week's episode is down 24% in ratings from the season four premiere -- but both the 2.2 million viewers for this past Sunday's ep and the 2.9 million viewers for the season four premiere are BOTH higher than last season's average of 1.8 million. Yeah, the ratings have slipped 24% since the premiere, but the season as a whole is actually doing better than last season, ratings-wise.

So, that "ratings plunge" headline is a leeeetle misleading. Headline should have read: MAD MEN RATINGS DROP FROM SEASON PREMIERE, STILL HIGHER THAN LAST SEASON'S AVERAGE. That doesn't sound nearly as exciting, though. Boring old facts getting in the way of a good headline! The nerve!

Anyway, the show has been really great so far in season 4, even just three episodes in. Can't wait for next week, which looks like a Pete-centric ep. PETE!

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