June 30, 2009


Attention burgeoning RetroHeads!!! If you are not watching Mad Men, then you need to buy the dvds. Season 2 comes out July 14. Buy. Now. Don Draper commands you!

June 29, 2009

Retro Hottie of the Week

Ann Sheridan, for when you're craving a feisty redheaded hottie!

.... on a bear.

June 18, 2009


More fun with old movie poster art! "We're in a jam!"

The great thing about these old posters is that they make you WANT to see the movie. Very few of today's movie posters actually make you want to go out and see the movie just based on the poster itself. Not so in retro old movie world! These oldies have everything from salacious artwork, to shocking images of violence (dig that burning car), to punchy tag lines, to bold, primary colors that grab you right away. It's arty and pulpy and intriguing. It's retro-vision!

June 9, 2009

June 8, 2009

How to Watch Old Movies, Part 2

There's a movie star for every occasion. Like patron saints.

Feeling like it's you against the world? Then queue up Joan Crawford. Maybe a screening of Mildred Pierce will make you realize you ain't got it half as bad as old Joanie. Sick of looking to our politicians for answers only to find that they're all just a part of one great, big, useless ball of dangerous Stupid? Embrace your inner anarchist and turn on the Marx Brothers in Duck Soup. Stuck in a funk and feeling like a miserable, uncouth slob? Turn on a Cary Grant movie and try to catch just a sprinkle of his effortless grace.

See, old movies are more like religion than new movies are, and it's hard for new movie types to quite understand the fervor of the old movie devotee. At least, it's hard at first, because they're not used to the old movie fan's culture of movie star devotion (which is quite different from today's "celebrity culture"; devotion to old movie stars is based on love and enjoyment, whereas celebrity culture is based on curiosity and shock value). But these newbies can be brought around. You see, all they need is a little old time religion. Movie religion, that is.