December 29, 2010

Fandor: Siam Sunset

My latest piece is up at Keyframe, the Fandor blog. It's about the top four moments from an Australian indie movie called SIAM SUNSET (John Polson, 1999). The movie stars Linus Roache as a man that designs paint colors for a living who goes off to Australia to find inspiration for a new color he calls "Siam Sunset." It's part romantic comedy, part black comedy and I found it darkly funny and ultimately a sweet love story. There's also a falling refrigerator that plays a somewhat significant part. Read the article to know more...

My article can be found HERE.

SIAM SUNSET can be watched at Fandor HERE.

And please, don't hesitate to leave a comment, either for my article or for any of the blog posts at Fandor. Self-Styled Siren has written a wonderful piece on Simone Signoret and Vadim Rizov's got a nifty article on the five things to know about South Korean cinema. These are just a couple that caught my eye, but there are tons more.

Also, check back here because I will be embedding more movies from Fandor in the days to come!