July 23, 2010

I'm really starting to hate the cynicism of Internet Conservatives

I don't mean cynicism about our government or politics in general. I'm cynical as hell about that stuff too.

I mean cynicism about the arts and culture. Or maybe a better way to put it is that there's a certain aloofness, a dismissive attitude on conservative blogs (especially in the comments sections) towards arts and entertainment. Conservatives seem to have abandoned the arts and popular culture to such a degree that everything gets ridiculed and ragged on by the conservative commentariat. There's no love or enthusiasm there, only disdain.

Example: Let's say an acclaimed new movie comes out in theaters or the trailer for the latest summer blockbuster hits the internet. The Conservative commenter comments: "I stopped going to the movies years ago. I don't even know any of these so-called actors. I'd rather play my videos games anyway."

I see it over and over again; conservatives adopting this too-cool-for-school attitude toward pop culture, as if going onto a thread about a brand new, popular sci-fi movie and saying something inane and superior like, "I don't care for sci-fi, I much prefer maritime history," is somehow a clever, insightful comment. Hey buddy, way to enrich the discussion! Thanks a lot!


I get it: Conservatives hate the entertainment industries because the entertainment professionals are all a bunch of anti-American, leftist/socialist types and by showing disdain for their products, Conservatives are able, in some small way, to fight back against the onslaught of liberal propaganda we've been facing for the past fifty-some-odd years. I understand. I kinda feel the same way too.

But, seriously, do we have to be so unrelentingly negative about every single thing that comes down the pike from Hollywood? It bespeaks of an immaturity and a certain level of willful ignorance that so many conservatives dismiss as worthless nearly everything that the popular culture has to offer, sight unseen. It's childish. I get why conservatives are so suspicious of pop culture, but what started out as a laudable tendency of caution and prudence in relation to pop culture has turned into a hateful, cynical sneer that I don't think uplifts or improves the culture in anyway.

Oh, and this little rant was inspired by none other than the TRON thread at Hot Air, so, yeah, basically I'm a massive dork and now you probably won't take anything I've written seriously at all. I probably wouldn't either, actually, if I were you.


  1. "I stopped going to the movies years ago. I don't even know any of these so-called actors."

    Okay, I'll 'fess up and admit that this sentence is a permanent part of my vocab. I don't think this makes me a conservative, though--just someone who prefers older movies when good plotting and scripting took precedence over blowing stuff up real good.

    basically I'm a massive dork and now you probably won't take anything I've written seriously at all.

    Anybody who appreciates the finer things in life like The Adventures of Pete and Pete can't be all bad.

  2. Yeah, Ivan, I'm kinda the same way sometimes when it comes to new movies. I mean, I just look at some of the new movies coming out every year and I shake my head in disgust/disbelief. How did our movies get so crappy?!

    But then, I'm not popping into every thread on the interwebs screeching about how much I couldn't care less about some new blockbuster action movie coming out. Nor have I seen you doing that either. ;)

    It's the constant negativism and cynicism (particularly on the conservative side, since that's my side) that annoys me. They all come off as a bunch of whiners.

    It seems like a lot of conservatives in comments sections can't help but be all negative and hipper-than-thou in a thread about new movies (and sometimes even about old movies). It's like, we get it, you guys all hate Hollywood, congratulations. There's no real criticism, it's just, "this is stupid" insults. And then they wonder why Hollywood doesn't make any movies for conservatives.

    As far as THE ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE, it might just be the most perfect show in the history of mankind. Any show that has an episode about Johnny Unitas and aliens deserves endless appreciation. :D